Jeco Plastic Products has extensive plastics design capability and can develop high quality custom plastic pallets and containers for use in a variety of specialized applications, including printing pallets for the printing industry. Our manufacturing equipment has been customized to meet the unique and varied requirements of Jeco customers. We only use top of the line aluminum billet and cast tooling. Containers and other parts can be molded with dimensions as large as 166 inches (422cm) in virtually any thermoplastic material, including polycarbonate and other resins. Molded products can be reinforced in many ways, using proved, proprietary techniques developed over many years that result in the heavy-duty plastic pallets and containers that fit your every need.

Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers use Jeco custom made pallets and containers to move, store and protect high value products such as crankshafts, brake assemblies, manifolds, and electrical parts.

Jeco containers are known for their rigidity, which makes them especially useful in applications with heavy parts which must be protected while being transported and on the assembly line.

Jeco products often find use in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, where they are valued because they do not absorb moisture of fluids, and are impervious to most known solvents resulting in the ideal hygienic plastic pallets for sensitive environments.

Jeco food and pharmaceutical pallets are easy to clean with steam, high pressure water spray, or chemicals. We also manufacture a complete line of specialty custom made pallets for the bottled water industry.

Jeco engineers use the most advanced drafting and rendering tools to design and craft your custom plastic pallets and containers.