Automotive Solutions

Automotive SolutionsJeco specializes in designing and producing containers for transporting heavy, or fragile subassemblies such as brakes, rotors, radiators, manifolds and even whole engines in plastic containers. Jeco plastic containers eliminate the splintering and breakage associated with wood structures, integrity, and disposal issues of corrugated containers.

Jeco plastic bins and containers are designed to fit specific parts, and generally achieve a return on investment in less than one year. For a major US diesel engine manufacturer, Jeco designed a plastic tray to hold engine crankshafts, keep them separated, and protect their finish. The plastic crankshaft tray has a soft finish which cushions the parts and is reinforced with steel to provide strength and reduce flexing. For a global automobile producer, Jeco developed a rotationally molded modular plastic rack with cast polyurethane inserts to convey manifold assemblies to the production line.

Based upon packaging cost alone, the company achieved payback in just two shipments. In addition, the manufacturer achieved greater density at the production line and eliminated the cost of recycling corrugated material. A major automobile engine remanufacturer uses a Jeco plastic pod to protect engines during transport and storage.

Let Jeco’s design experience in the automotive industry help your company realize significant savings and improve production line efficiency.